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Best product to get rid of dog odour from artificial grass

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Product review of dog urine odour eliminators for artificial grass

Welcome to our review of two dog odour removing disinfectant products specifically designed for artificial grass. If like us you’re a dog owner who enjoys the convenience of artificial turf in your garden or yard space then you may have encountered the challenge of dealing with unpleasant odours caused by your dog friend’s pee or other messes. That’s where these specialised disinfectant and deodorising products come to the rescue.

In this review, we’ve selected two prominent dog odour removing disinfectant products to help you find the most effective solution for eliminating odours and maintaining a fresh and clean environment for both you and your dog. The two products are Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner and Wee Free Artificial Grass Cleaner and Odour Eliminator.

Artificial Grass and Dog Urine

Why can artificial grass smell of dog pee and mess?

Astro turf can develop a smell of dog urine due to a few reasons. One of the primary reasons is that dog urine contains ammonia. This is a strong-smelling compound so when dogs urinate on the artificial turf, the ammonia can penetrate the surface and linger, resulting in an unpleasant odour over time.

Another reason is the accumulation of bacteria. Urine provides a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive, and when left untreated especially in dry weather conditions, these bacteria can multiply and produce foul-smelling odours.

If the dog urine is not promptly and thoroughly cleaned, it can seep deeper into the turf and become more challenging to remove. Over time, the accumulation of urine and bacteria can intensify the smell.

Do all artificial grass areas smell of urine when you have dogs?

It’s important to note that not all ‘fake’ grass installations will have a strong urine odour. The extent of the smell can vary depending on factors such as the type of turf, infill material used, drainage system and the frequency and effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance.

Proper drainage is also essential to prevent urine from pooling and lingering on the surface. Ensuring that your artificial grass installation has an adequate drainage system will help facilitate the flow of water and urine, reducing the chances of odour buildup.

By understanding the reasons behind the urine odour and implementing proactive cleaning and maintenance practices, you can enjoy a fresh and odour-free artificial grass surface that both you and your dog can apprec


How cleaning artificial grass can help reduce pet odours

To combat the smell of dog urine on artificial grass, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Promptly removing solid waste and regularly rinsing the area with water can help dilute and wash away urine.

Additionally, using specially formulated dog odour removing disinfectant products can help neutralize the ammonia and eliminate bacteria, effectively tackling the odour problem.

Finding the right cleaning product for your artificial grass

We understand the importance of finding a product that not only tackles odours but also ensures the safety of your dog and the long-life of your turf. In this review we will  consider various factors, including the product’s effectiveness in neutralising odours, ease of application and value for money. We’ve also taken into account customer reviews and feedback to provide you with a well-rounded evaluation of each product’s performance.

Product Review - Artificial Grass Cleaners / Odour Eliminators

Product One - Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner

Product Two - Wee Free Artificial Grass Cleaner and Pet Odour Eliminator

The Review of the two products

Both products were used on the same artificial grass area but around a Month apart, the garden is average size of around (see picture) and the Bugalugs product was used first. The fragrance was ‘Cut Grass’ and the 1 litre container diluted to 10 litres just about covered the area. A watering can was used to spread the diluted solution.

First indication was great and the fresh smell came through pretty much straight away. However by the next morning the smell was neutral and then by the evening and the following days the old odour of dog urine had returned.

We may have need to buy more volume but it was disappointing that the fresh smell didn’t last very long.

The second product we tested was the Wee Free Grass Cleaner and as we bought the double pack of 2 x 5 Litres we had fingers crossed it would work as we were buying in bulk and therefore the cost was greater! To make the review fair we used enough concentrate to make 10 litres of solution, the same amount we mixed for the other product.

Using the same watering can that was cleaned after the last product usage. The difference was significant, once the solution was put on the turfed area the smell of stale dog wee disappeared and didn’t return for over a week. The weather conditions for both products were very similar with a long dry, sunny spell in May / June.


The Review Results - Bugalugs Vs Wee Free

The only significant point to note is that Wee Free advertises that it has ‘beneficial micro-organisms and enzyme’s in the cleaner that work straight away to neutralise smells of dog urine and dog poo. It’s unclear whether the other product ‘Bigalugs’ contains the same enzyme’s but it’s not listed on the product paperwork.

The clear winner for us on this review was Wee Free Grass Cleaner but our artificial grass has to cope with two dogs using it as a toilet a couple of times a day. The initial cost was more than the other product but we now have a stock that we can us at least a couple of times. 

Our Choice

Wee Free Artificial Grass Cleaner

Two Pack (2 x 5 Litre Concentrate).

Neutraliser and deodoriser for artificial grass. This product is our favourite to get rid of dog wee smells. Contains enzymes and also kills mould, algae and moss at the base of your artificial turf.


Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner

One Litre Concentrate.

3 in 1 formula - Cleanser, disinfectant and deodoriser. Available in two fragrances - Lavender and 'Cut Grass'. A decent product for cleaning artificial grass but the deodoriser is not as affective on a high-use area.

Final Thoughts...

Whether you’re dealing with lingering odours, bacteria, or stains on your artificial turf. Our goal was to help you make an informed decision and choose a disinfectant product that meets your specific needs. We understand that maintaining a clean and fresh environment is essential for both your enjoyment, your families safety and the well-being of your dog friend.

We hope our review provides you with helpful tips to make the best choice for your artificial grass, ensuring a clean, odour-free, and enjoyable space.

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