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What is a dog calming bed?

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The Calming Bed: A safe and cosy Retreat for Your Anxious dog

Dogs can experience anxiety and stress just like us humans. From separation anxiety, unsettling times such as moving in to a new home environment to fear of loud noises caused by fireworks or noisy building work and changes to family dynamics such as the arrival of a newborn baby.  All these factors and many more can create anxiety in our dog friends. A calming bed can provide a safe haven retreat when a dog is feeling stressed a place where a dog can truly rest and recharge. Calming beds are also sometimes referred to as donut beds.


In this article we will explore calming beds for dogs / how they work / how they are designed / the benefits of a calming bed and we will also display a few handy links to the relevant products available in the current marketplace.

How do Dog Calming beds work?

Calming beds for dogs are made to provide a comfortable and secure sleeping environment that is designed to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. They are deep, plush in construction and have the depth allowing your dog to burrow into the bed to feel safe and secure. The walls are often soft and cushioned to give a gentle sense of safety and comfort in order to calm the dog. The raised sides are also supposed to mimic the feeling of being cuddled or nestled in a snug den. 

The general idea is promote a deep sleep for an anxious and stressed dog which in turn can be beneficial for the overall well being of your important dog companion. The cushioning properties can also relieve pressure on joints, making even more beneficial for older dogs or dogs with joint issues. Providing a designated calming space can help redirect destructive behaviours and promote a general sense of well-being. A win win for stressed dogs and their worried owners!


The design elements of a dog calming bed

  • Orthopedic foamSome calming beds come with orthopedic foam that conforms to your dog’s body, providing support for their joints and muscles. This can be especially helpful for older dogs or dogs with arthritis.
  • Soft and cozy materials: Calming beds are often made from soft and cozy materials like faux fur, sherpa, or fleece. These materials are comfortable to the touch and provide a warm and snuggly environment for your dog.
  • Non-slip bottom: Look for a calming bed with a non-slip bottom to ensure that it stays in place on smooth surfaces. This is especially important for dogs that like to move around while they sleep.
  • Machine washable: A calming bed that is machine washable is ideal for easy cleaning and maintenance. This is especially important if your dog sheds a lot or has accidents.
  • Size: Make sure to choose a calming bed that is the right size for your dog. A bed that is too small may cause your dog to feel cramped and uncomfortable, while a bed that is too large may not provide the same sense of security.

Handy product links to calming beds available in the marketplace ...


Size & Description

Customer Rating

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  • Small Bed

  • 50 cm dia x 20cm inner dia x 20cm high

  • Suitable for dogs up to 3Kg

  • Medium Bed

  • 60cm dia x 30cm inner dia x 20cm high

  • Suitable for dogs up to 7Kg

  • Medium Large

  • 75cm diameter x 18cm high

  • Suitable for dogs up to 16Kg

  • Large Bed

  • 90cm dia x 70cm inner dia x 20cm high

  • Suitable for dogs up to 25kg

  • XXL Bed

  • 110cm dia x 60cm inner dia x 18cm high

  • Suitable for dogs up to 45Kg


The overall benefits of a calming bed

Investing in a calming bed for your dog can be a wonderful way to provide them with a safe and tranquil space. Whether your dog experiences anxiety or simply needs a cozy retreat, a calming bed can offer them a sense of security and comfort. The fact that most are machine washable is a plus as they can last longer and therefore be more cost effective. By understanding these benefits and choosing the right bed for your furry friend, you can help enhance their overall well-being and happiness. Don’t forget that when choosing a bed for your dog it’s really important to get the right size, that’s why we have added a weight guide to the product link table along with the diameter measurements of each bed. There are so many reasons to give your pup the gift of a calming bed, just imagine watching them unwind in their own little oasis. 

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